What Is A No Code Backend Development Platform?

By Xano | March 25, 2021

What Is A No Code Backend Development Platform?

In 2021, “no code backend development platforms” have become something of a buzzword. These kinds of platforms offer an exciting promise. What if you could develop applications to streamline company productivity without having to write a single line of code? This would free up a lot of time developers spend writing and then debugging codes for even the smallest of frontend operations.

This increases the productivity of your development team while saving you time and money. It can also help you develop things like mobile apps in a significantly shorter timeframe. Interest in no code backend development platforms are rising fast for good reasons.

The research and advisory company Gartner now predicts that roughly 50% of medium to large companies will adopt some type of low or no code application platform in the coming year. Unisphere Research/Information Today polled 324 organizations and found 76% of them had some portion of their applications developed outside their IT department. This significantly sped up productivity. Out of those 76% of organizations, only 17% reported turnaround time longer than three months.

With more and more companies relying on no code backend development platforms, it is well worth your time to learn all you can. Below, we will provide the basics of no code platforms and how they can potentially benefit your organization.

How Do No Code Backend Development Platforms Work?

In traditional software development, programmers write lines of code to create the desired features of a website or application. Everything you see on the frontend of a website or application – like a navigation bar or “Click to Purchase” button – is coded on the backend to appear on your screen.

Even simple processes require coding that sometimes takes days to complete. If anything on the frontend needs to be reworked, there is even more backend coding required.

What Is A No Code Backend Development Platform? 1

No code backend development platforms are cloud-based platforms that write complicated backend code for developers. No code platforms give developers visual tools – like a drag-and-drop interface – to put together a website or mobile application’s backend.

It’s sort of like creating a website through a site like WordPress or SquareSpace. Backend development is taken care of for you so you can focus on optimizing your websites frontend by using convenient visual tools. With these sites, you do not need to know complex programming language to create a website.

What Are The Benefits?

First and foremost, no code backend development platforms free up a lot of time for your development team. When many backend tasks are automated, the development process takes less time. Developers can focus on optimizing the user experience on the frontend rather than getting bogged down with backend tasks.

No code development platforms can also potentially save your company money. You may not need to hire as large of a developer team if backend tasks are taken care of for you. Many no code backend development platforms have a monthly fee that is significantly cheaper than the cost of hiring a team of developers.

No code backend development platforms also allow your company to adapt to change quicker. Unforeseen circumstances often require rapid changes to your company’s web and mobile tools. With traditional development, even a small change requires significant coding. With no code backend development platforms, you can make small tweaks almost immediately using the visual interface provided.

These platforms often allow non-IT professionals to solve problems without needing to lean on your IT department. Every day workers can create or adjust business applications needed to streamline various company processes.

What Are Good Uses For No Code Development Platforms?

No code development platforms are primarily used to create applications. This is because they simplify the process as they require no complex programming. Anyone with an idea can create an application using a no code backend development platform.

These can be the kind of applications – like SnapChat or Instagram – designed to be a business in and of themselves.

However, many companies need internal applications to streamline their own processes. Companies may also create apps specifically for their customers to give them a convenient platform to make purchases and schedule appointments.

What Is A No Code Backend Development Platform? 2

In light of the recent shift to work-from-home businesses, digitizing paperwork and background checks has become increasingly important. This is, in part, a large reason no code backend development has become so popular. As more and more companies lean on these platforms out of necessity, they are seeing their benefits.

No code backend development platforms are also frequently used to modernize legacy systems for companies undergoing digital transformations.

The Bottom Line

No code backend development platforms provide a solution to many common problems. Right now, as many companies are undergoing a digital transformation, fast development is vital to success. No code platforms provide convenient graphical user interfaces that anyone can understand. This allows you to build applications for both internal and external use quicker and easier.

As our world transforms quickly, no code backend development platforms will continue to be a hot topic in the tech world. It is well worth your time to learn about your options when it comes to reaping the benefits of no code backend development.

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