What is cURL?

By Xano | August 24, 2023

What is cURL?


  • cURL is a command line tool
  • cURL can communicate with various systems and protocols
  • cURL can execute complex API requests in just one line of code
  • Xano integrates with cURL allowing users to autogenerate and duplicate Xano APIs

Introduction to cURL
cURL is like a universal remote that can talk to various devices in different languages. Just as a remote can communicate with your TV, sound system, and even lights, cURL allows your computer to communicate with different servers over the internet using a variety of protocols.

cURL in Action
Suppose you're sitting on your couch and want to turn on your TV. Instead of getting up, finding the TV remote, and pressing the power button, you grab your universal remote, select the TV, and press the power button. Easy, right?
Similarly, with cURL, instead of opening a browser, typing in a website, and clicking around, you can directly ask a server for specific information or perform actions right from your computer’s command line.

cURL Example

Here’s an example of using a one-line cURL command to send an SMS using the Twilio API:

What is cURL? 1

Source: https://www.twilio.com/blog/send-sms-twilio-shell-script-curl

Why is cURL Important?
As you can see above, cURL allows you to structure complex API requests within one command line. Without tools like cURL, developers would need multiple lines of code and different tools for every type of server interaction. cURL provides a unified and streamlined way to interact with servers, making web development and testing more efficient.

Using cURL with Xano
At Xano, we recognize the power and flexibility of cURL. When building or testing your backend, cURL can be a helpful tool to quickly check responses or trigger actions without going through the frontend. With Xano, we make it easy to not only import cURL commands but also copy and reuse the cURL commands being generated with the APIs you create in Xano.
Curious about integrating cURL with your Xano-backed application? Dive in with us today, and explore the vast possibilities!

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