Premium Features Now Included in Scale Plans

By Xano | April 10, 2024

Premium Features Now Included in Scale Plans

As the landscape of application development continues to evolve, Xano continues to pave the way for No-Code to become the de-facto standard for deploying scalable, secure backends faster. Today, we are announcing some changes to our self-serve Scale plan to continue to drive innovation and Enterprise-grade backend development with no code for product owners and traditional developers alike.

No-Code brings the power of software development to new heights of accessibility and flexibility, enabling anybody from traditional developers to non-technical product owners to bring their ideas to life faster–but it also presents some significant challenges when it comes to scalability and security. Enlisting the classic back-end development team and building a backend from scratch offers the peace of mind of maintaining full control over how your backend behaves when the unexpected happens, and we continue to work tirelessly at Xano to bring the same experience to the No-Code space, while also continuing to manage the hard parts for you, so you can just log in and build, saving significant time and resources and getting to market faster than ever.

Xano facilitates the simplest and most effective way to build the backend for your website or application by offering managed DevOps and infrastructure, along with our No-Code API builder, and a flexible database powered by PostgreSQL. Our mission is to empower anyone to build scalable, secure, world-class software with no code, and part of doing that is making sure that anyone, not just those on our highest-tier Enterprise plans, has access to the features they need. That’s why today, we’re announcing that the following Enterprise-grade features are now a part of our self-serve Scale plan, at no additional cost.

🔐 Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Allow granular permissions for each team member and workspace within an instance. RBAC is crucial, especially for larger teams, to ensure your data is only accessible to those who need it.

📜 Compliance Center

The Compliance Center is the single source of truth for every workspace schema change. Need to know who merged that branch? Made a change to an API endpoint? Compliance Center is built for you.

🌐 Middleware

Middleware offers powerful, workspace-wide logic to control the behavior of your APIs at pivotal points of execution. It's an essential tool for making whole app changes and deploying them quickly.

🗄️ Private Storage

Private Storage allows you to store files that are only accessible through on-demand, time-sensitive URL generation. If you are storing sensitive data as attachments in your Xano back-end, you need this.

⏳Unlimited Background Tasks

Background tasks enable you to run scheduled logic on your terms. Previously, Scale included up to 15 background tasks. On our new Scale plan, unlimited background tasks are included.

Choosing Xano for your backend development needs enables you to build and deploy the back-end for your application faster, while also harnessing the ease and accessibility of a No-Code environment, and we remain committed to the scalability and security of your application, no matter where you are on your development journey. We thank you for being the best part of Xano and look forward to continuing to serve your needs in the future.

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