Xano's case studies

In depth views into Xano projects. Below you will find detailed stories about how embracing Xano brought these customers to success!


Unico Connect Case Study

By using Xano for their backend development tasks, Unico Connect has been able to slash their development time. Right off the bat they saw a 30% decre...

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LEADstrike Case Study

One of the ways that owner Chris Duncan grows LEADstrike is by inviting every new customer to participate in a referral program. Chris wanted to conne...

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Tongo Case Study

Over the course of four years, Tongo spent roughly $75,000 in three unsuccessful attempts to have an app made. After many failed attemps, they were re...

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Ignite Case Study

We did everything that needed to be done without hiring a developer. But Xano is also scalable so I will be able to continue using it even after the b...

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