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Shared Resources

Great for your MVP when you don’t need to worry about scaling just yet.

Dedicated Resources

Dedicated infrastructure that can handle more traffic, operations, and can easily be adjusted to scale to millions of users.

Shared resources

Great for your MVP where you don’t need to wory about scaling just yet.



Server LocationGet started
No credit card needed!Build includes:
1 Workspace
No-Code API Builder
Rate limited API
10,000 Total Records
Image Upload (Watermarked)
Extension & Snippet Marketplace
Live Weekly Office Hours

Dedicated resources

Single-tenant private infrastructure that can handle more intensive operations reliably and performance can easily be adjusted to scale to millions of users.



Server LocationGet started
$59 /mo
$708 billed yearlySave $96/year
Everything in Build plus:
3 Workspaces
10GB of Media Storage
No Record Limit
3GB of Database Storage
No Rate Limit API
5 Background Tasks
JavaScript Business Logic
3 Schema Versions
API Response Caching
Image, Video, and File Attachments
100% Dedicated Resources
Region Selector
Security & Compliance
Ability to Increase Plan Limits



Everything in Scale plus:
Direct Database Access
Auto-Scaling Options
Flexible Hosting Options
Sidecar Docker Containers
Priority Support & Training
Much more...



Agency includes:
Transfer Ownership
Client Dashboard
Client Alert Notifications
Private Team Marketplace
No hassle Cancellations

Cancel your Xano subscription at any time; your plan will stay active until the end of your billing cycle.

Amazing Support

Orientation, super-fast support, and a vibrant, active community to help you get success faster.

Weekly Office Hours

Meet with our team weekly to help you overcome challenges while building your app.

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Workspaces 135Customizable
Team Size --3Customizable
Custom Domain -

Database & Storage

Records of Data 10,000 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Database SSD Storage 1GB3GB10GBCustomizable
Image/File Storage 1GB Images only - watermarked10GB50GBUnlimited
Data Sources
Live & Test Multiple
Direct Database Access
Horizontal Database Scaling


Performance Rate Limiting 10 requests/20sec
500 requests/day
No rate limiting No rate limiting No rate limiting
Schema Versioning
Up to 3 versions Up to 20 versions Unlimited
API Versioning(Branch Support)
API Response Caching
Function Response Caching
Data Caching via Redis
Lambdas (Javascript)
Background tasks
Sub-Minute Task Schedules


Fully Managed Devops
SSL Certificate
Load Balanced
Automatic Backups
Geographical Region U.S. Only U.S., Canada, India, U.K., Germany, Singapore, Brazil, and Australia U.S., Canada, India, U.K., Germany, Singapore, Brazil, and Australia Global
Bring Your Own Cloud
Docker Sidecar Microservices
Scale 2X and above
File Bandwidth 1GB25GB100GBCustomizable
File Upload Limit 64MB128MB2GBCustomizable

Extension Marketplace

Public Xano Marketplace
Private Marketplace
Pre-Built Enterprise Connectors
Identity Management

Support & Services

Support Channels Basic Support
Up to 72-hour response
Basic Support
Upgraded Support Available
Basic Support
Upgraded Support Available
Custom Packages Available
Managed Migrations
Education & Training
Enhanced SLA & Priority Escalation


Cloud Armor
Enhanced API Logging
3rd Party Security Audits


Server Hardening as an upgrade
ISO 27001:2013

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to building the backend for your application, building to 95% capability isn't good enough. You need a platform that can handle every edge case you throw at it and Xano is that platform. From its inception, it was built to be the first Turing-complete No-Code backend. This means that anything you can do in a regular programming language (PHP, Javascript, Etc.) you should also be able to do in Xano.