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Great for small apps that aren't CPU intensive and don't need to scale to more than a thousand users. U.S. servers only.


When you need a single-tenant, region-specific server that can handle intensive operations reliably and can scale to millions of users.


No credit card needed!


Always 100% free!

Explore includes:

  • 1 workspace

  • Unlimited APIs

  • 100 records of Data

  • Image upload (watermarked)

  • No Background tasks

  • Rate limited


Reg: $118/mo

$59 USD /mo

Billed Yearly

Essential includes:

  • 5 Workspaces

  • 10GB of storage

  • Unlimited Records

  • Unlimited APIs

  • Unlimited Background tasks

  • Image, video, and file attachments

  • No rate limiting


Reg: $198/mo

$99 USD /mo

Billed Yearly

Everything in Essential, plus:

  • 10 Workspaces

  • 25GB of storage

  • Team size: 3

  • 100% dedicated resources (Region-specific)

  • Custom Domain support

  • Schema Versioning (up to 5 versions)

  • Data Caching via Redis


Reg: $498/mo

$249 USD /mo

Billed Yearly

Everything in Prototype, plus:

  • Unlimited Workspaces

  • 50GB of storage

  • Team size: 5

  • Load balanced

  • Schema Versioning (up to 20 versions)





Records of data
Image/file storage
Images upload (watermarked)
Performance rate limiting
No rate limiting
No rate limiting
No rate limiting
Schema Versioning
up to 5 versions
up to 20 versions
Data Caching via Redis
Team size
Private marketplace
SSL certificate
Load balanced
Background tasks
Workspace collaboration
Automatic backups
Geographical Region
U.S. Only
U.S. Only
File bandwidth
25 GB
100 GB
1 TB
Support channels
Forums / email (48-72hr response)
Forums / email & chat (48-72hr response)
Forums / email & chat (24hr response)
Forums / email & chat (8hr response)

Features Included In Xano Plans

100% No Code

Build your complete backend without a single line of code. Accelerate time to market with predefined templates and business logic.

API Builder

Xano automatically generates CRUD API operations for you and you can create custom API endpoints using our NO CODE builder.

Google Cloud

On-demand cloud-based server deployment. Xano's Google Cloud deployments are controlled and scaled with Kubernetes.

Single Tenant

Xano's PROTOTYPE & BUSINESS plans have dedicated resources that enhance security, reliability, and speed.

PostgreSQL Database

Xano utilizes PostgreSQL, which is the most powerful and flexible database within the open-source community of backend developers.

Docker Containers

Xano uses docker containers to provision new accounts which means that each customer has their own independent database.


Kubernetes provides an industry-standard way for our Xano users to automatically scale based on their traffic and resource needs.

Automated API

Xano automatically generates API endpoints that are instantly interactive and documented via Swagger to save you time.


We support concepts like statements, conditionals, preconditions, and more. The difference is, we make it point and easy to implement.

What are Xano's limits?

When it comes to building the backend for your application, building to 95% capability isn't good enough. You need a platform that can handle every edge case you throw at it and Xano is that platform. From its inception, it was built to be the first Turing complete NO CODE backend so anything you can do in a regular programming language (PHP, C, Javascript, etc.) you would be able to do in Xano.

What if I need more capacity outside my plan?

We've structured our Prototype & Business plans to be optimized for the stage developers or businesses we see most often. However, if you should need more capacity outside of our Business Plan, whether it be file storage, workspaces, performance etc.. you should contact us.

Can I create a custom plan with Xano?

Yes. This can be done by contacting us and inquiring about our custom enterprise setup.

Can I scale my backend with Xano?

Yes. With Xano you don't need a DevOps team because we handle everything for you. Docker and Kubernetes are used to provision new accounts which provides a stable, scalable environment on top of Google Cloud and the PostgreSQL database offers not only the power and flexibility of SQL/NOSQL, but can scale horizontally and vertically.

Can I export my data?

Yes. You can export your database data through the settings in your instance. The data will be exported in a YAML file format.

Who owns my data?

You own your data. This also include any data that your users might upload unless your agreement with them specifies otherwise.

Can Xano build my front-end?

No. Xano only handles your entire backend, which consists of development, dev-ops, database & APIs as a hosted platform. It does not create any sort of front-end for your project. You can take the API endpoints you create in Xano and link them to the front end of your choice or with one of our preferred front end solution providers.

Can I migrate my backend from another BaaS (Backend as a Service) provider?

We currently do not have a way to import or migrate a backend from another provider. This is largely because the infrastructure and format can drastically differ. We plan to look into certain functionalities if it makes sense as we see what customers want.

Can I hire Xano to develop my custom backend?

Yes. Our Xano pricing varies according to complexity. Please contact us and inquire about our white glove development service.

Can I host Xano "on premise?"

Typically...no. However this can be done with an Enterprise setup. Contact us today to inquire.

Does Xano rate limit?

Only the Explore and Starter Xano plans have rate limiting. Any instance on the Prototype plan and up does not have rate limiting.

Does Xano work with other No Code front-end tools?

Absolutely. We built Xano with the idea that it would seamlessly integrate with other popular and up and coming No Code tools. Please visit Connect to a Front-End for more information.