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The Xano stack



Google Cloud



Provisioned with Docker for stability

Xano uses docker containers to auto-provision new accounts. This provides a stable environment for each Xano user to build and scale their service without compromise.

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Provisioned with Docker for stability

Xano uses docker containers to auto-provision new accounts. This provides a stable environment for each Xano user to build and scale their service without compromise.

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Orchestrated by Kubernetes for scale

Kubernetes provides an industry-standard way for our Xano users to automatically scale based on their traffic and resource needs.

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Google Cloud

Google Cloud

Managed on Google's trusted infrastructure

Google Cloud is one of the top global industry providers for on-demand cloud-based server deployment. Xano’s Google Cloud deployments are controlled through Kubernetes.

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Leveraging PostgreSQL's flexible database

Xano utilizes PostgreSQL, which is the most powerful and flexible database within the open-source community. It provides the flexibility of a relational database along with the Big Data needs of a NoSQL solution.

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Anti-Dos Protection

Prevent DDoS with single-tenant infrastructure

Xano leverages a single-tenant infrastructure for all premium customer instances, which means that each instance is unique in its configuration.

For any customer wanting to enable DDoS protection on their individual Xano instance, they will need to enable the Google Cloud Armor addon. More details and pricing are available through support.

Core features of Xano technology


Managed Dedicated Resources

Every paid account comes with a single-tenant deployment or architecture. It is a fully hosted and managed instance with data separation, security, reliability, performance, and easy recovery.

Region-Specific & Portable

You can determine where your server Instance is located for faster response times and to comply with security laws in other countries (e.g., GDPR). Enterprise customers can migrate Xano to their own Cloud (AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure).

Sidecar Docker Microservices

Our Enterprise customers can sidecar and manage existing Docker containers and leverage the capabilities directly within Xano's Function Stack.


No-Code, but Developer Friendly.

Build your complete backend without a single line of code. Deploy your code using Lambda functions on any paid plan, or as a connected Docker Microservice with our Enterprise plan.

Connect to Any API

Xano can connect to any RESTful API or GraphQL Endpoint to send, transform, or extract data.

API Documented Automatically

Your API Endpoints are automatically documented for you in OpenAPI (Swagger). This makes it easy to collaborate with other developers.

Sign Up & Login

Xano takes the complexity out of creating and authenticating. It comes out of the box with Auth via JWE tokens and you can layer on any OAuth provider of your choice.


Take advantage of our pre-built authentication solutions using Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Apple, Github and Magic link (passwordless auth) providers.

Function Stack

Define how your business logic gets executed by visually stacking predefined and custom functions together. Xano supports all the standard programming concepts like Variables, Loops, Arrays, Conditionals and much more.


Webhooks are a simple way that an app can send an automatic message or payload of information to another app. Allows your online accounts to “speak” to one another and get notified automatically when something new happens.

Media Upload

Upload and store images, videos, PDF’s and more. Bulk upload support included! Please see upload limits in your subscription package.

Test & Debug

Get detailed statistics of what is happening at each step of your query life cycle. Easily pinpoint where something is going wrong.

Database Requests

Store and retrieve data using our flexible query builder. This data can come from one or more tables or external sources.

"If" Conditional Statements

Add conditional statements as a function which are used to activate different workflows based on the evaluation of a boolean(true/false).


You can loop continuously and execute a set of pre-defined functions across a list of items that you specify.

Data Manipulation

Add, delete, and modify data in Xano with NO CODE by creating Variables, Arrays, Objects, Conditionals and more.

Dot Notation

Access specific fields or data nested within a variable, object or array. Dot notation is a general programming concept and it is also a useful tool in Xano.

Custom Functions

Repackage common operations (send mail, send SMS, etc) into functions that can be re-used throughout your project.

Utility Functions

Perform common and often re-used functions which accommodate routine programming tasks. Generate a random number, create a password, secure an authentication token, and more.

Precondition Logic

Make sure your application runs exactly how you want it by enforcing preconditions before anything important is processed. A precondition enforces something to always be true, so you can safely rely on the state of your app.

Data Relationships

Xano makes data relationships easy. Similar to GraphQL, Xano has a framework called Addons, which give you unique ways to extend your data through relationships without any additional requests.

Import CURL

Our easy CURL import gives you quick setup and integration to 3rd party API endpoints.

Data Addons

Similar to GraphQL, Xano’s Addons give you unique way to extend your data through relationships without any additional requests.

Geo Point Support

Store Points, Lines, and Polygons in Xano's database and use Xano's API builder to do distance calculations or searches within a perimeter.

Background Tasks (CRON)

Build workflows/functions in the API builder and set up CRON jobs to run workflows at an interval of your choosing.

Data Caching with Redis

Temporarily store data in memory for high-performance data retrieval and storage purposes. This is great for storing temporary data that needs to be quickly generated and accessed for a period of time.


Protect information & communication. Enhance your security by creating keys, encoding and decoding data.

Schema Versioning

Open your version history and easily roll-back to previous version(s) in case you make a mistake in database tables, API endpoints, functions, addons, or cron jobs (background tasks).

Security & Compliance

Role-based access control (RBAC)

Single tenant deployment

Data security

Industry standard authentication



HIPAA Compliance

ISO 27001:2013 Compliance

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