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Extensions are a group of functions that serve a purpose. (e.g. Text user with Twilio)

User Authentication

Let your users login with other services.


Protect your API


Send text messages and email


Proccess payments

More coming soon...

Starter templates

These starter templates are complete functional backends that come with their own database, functions and API endpoints.

Ably Realtime Chat

This extension provides you with the ability to create chatrooms utilizing Ably realtime chat, as well as save your Ably history to a database.


This extension provides a fully functioning template to manage a blog.


A basic job board for job postings, application submissions, and application reviews.

Contact Form

This extension demonstrates how to accept a lead through a contact form as well as how to list those leads.


An event management system, for posting and managing events, and collecting RSVPs to events.

Photo-Sharing Social Media Platform

A photo-sharing social media platform similar to Instagram.

Rental Marketplace

A two-sided rental marketplace, similar to Airbnb.

Todo List

This extension demonstrates how to manage a personal todo list with search, filtering, and manage support.

WMX - Webflow Memberstack Xano

If you use Webflow and Memberstack together, this template is perfect for you. Xano keeps members in sync and pushes content to Webflow that is specific to their membership level.


This extension provides a fully functioning template to manage a wiki.