Unico Connect Case Study


December 2, 2021


India-based Unico Connect is an Agile product development firm that builds customized solutions for their clients. Unico Connect offers everything from architecture, design and dev ops to testing, support and product management. While they typically work with startups, the team also helps established organizations build internal solutions.

 “Our whole team is aligned to building amazing products,” says Dipen Patel, Partner. “We work very closely with our clients to guide them through the entire startup process and help them avoid many of the typical startup mistakes.”


Prior to learning about Xano’s no code backend development platform, Unico Connect had been custom coding everything. The problem with this approach, of course, is the time and cost. “Early-stage startups don’t have the budget,” explains Dipen. “When we were taking the custom coding approach there were times when we lost clients, or were not able to deliver up to a client’s expectations, because of budgetary constraints.”

Unico Connect needed a way to reduce costs and speed the process—and they found it with Xano.

Initially, Dipen, who is a developer, was worried that Xano’s no code promise was too good to be true. “I started playing with Xano,” he recounts, “and in just two days I was able to build amazing stuff!” Dipen then introduced Xano to his team and they found it valuable, too.


Today Unico Connect pushes to use Xano on all new projects.

 “Xano helps us to build the backend really quickly, and also helps us to prototype much faster,” Dipen shares. “It’s no code, so now we’re just writing logic, not syntax. Because everything is already coded for us in Xano we no longer have to deal with the typical problems of solving merging conflicts between modules. Its automated documentation makes it very easy to manage internally. The backups are automated. Plus, you don’t have to use multiple tools to access the database—everything is in one place, which is great.”

Dipen also appreciates the support that the Xano team provides. “The support has been great,” observes Dipen, “even with the time difference. If we need assistance the Xano team is always very helpful on the Slack channel.”


By using Xano for their backend development tasks, Unico Connect has been able to slash their development time. Right off the bat they saw a 30% decrease; now that the team is familiar with Xano they often see a 40 to 50% decrease in development time. Using Xano instead of writing custom code also means that they don’t need a dev ops expert to deploy servers and manage load balancers.

Overall Xano helps Unico Connect build and iterate faster, all while being prepared for growth. “I really appreciate the fact that Xano is built on best practices,” Dipen states. “Xano is on a secure cloud infrastructure in the Google Cloud, and it utilizes Docker Containerization, Kubernetes and a PostgreSQL database. All of which means that Xano enables us to scale…not just prototype.”

Xano reduces costs, speeds time to market and enables Dipen’s team to better compete against other agencies. “It has definitely helped us close more deals,” Dipen adds. “What used to be a $10,000 project can come down to $6,000. Xano is like a secret weapon that helps us get more projects and then do an excellent job on them.”


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