The Fastest No Code Backend Dev Platform

Xano gives you a scalable backend, a flexible database, a ready-to-use API and a No Code business logic builder to transform data to and from any source.

The Fastest
Development Speed

Your backend development can be done without a single line of code. Create business logic fast & easy. Accelerate your product’s time to market using our templates and extensions.

This technology allows you to create modern applications through graphical user interfaces instead of traditional computer programming processes.

Your API comes “ready-to-use” so you can immediately connect to any front-end and focus on your business logic.

Xano uses PostgreSQL which provides the flexibility of a relational database along with the Big data needs of a NoSQL solution.

Backend specific add-ons, functions, and templates are available in the marketplace with pre-built business logic simplifying your life.


Backend Development Capabilities

Xano gives you the power of programming concepts without having to know coding syntax. Furthermore, Xano uses PostgreSQL which provides the flexibility of a relational database along with the Big data needs of a NoSQL solution, plus:

Xano Automatically generates C.R.U.D. (Create, Read, Update, Delete) API operations for you. Take it a step further by creating your own Endpoints and defining business logic without limits.

Create queries without programming to display your preferred data with an easy-to-understand interface.

Point & click statements, conditionals, preconditions, and much more ….

Visualize your backend components with a flow diagram. Easily create and identify complex data structure and quickly run commands.

One of the Best at Integrations

Xano includes Webhooks, Geo-Location, OAuth, and many other integrations. Whether you're pushing data out to the world or pulling data in from your favorite tool or service, Xano makes it easy for you to connect to anything that has a RESTful API.

APIs / endpoints documented automatically to connect your backend to your frontend with minimal effort.

Easily transform and route your data to whatever sources you need.


Security taken seriously

All data stored within Xano is encrypted at rest and transmission of all data is done securely over SSL. Xano also includes all common authentication capabilities for login, signup, and password policies.

All API requests and files are served over secure SSL connections to help keep your instance safe.

This architecture ensures every tenant’s information is separate with dedicated resources (including CPU, RAM, and storage).

Your backend is automatically placed inside a Docker container, isolating it from other apps. Includes everything needed to run in the cloud: Code, runtime, system tools, libraries and settings – spend less time debugging.

Price Performance Leader

Not only is Xano's pricing competitive, but the reduction in time and labor to create your NOCODE backend increases your speed to market and dramatically increases your project ROI.

Xano lets you validate your MVP using our generous free package.

When you’re ready to launch, our plans cost a fraction of what you would pay if you were to deploy a backend the traditional way.

Save 15% by signing up for a package annually.

You get what you pay for. There are no additional fees after signing up.

No extra cost for support


Challenges with backend development

Cost Prohibitive

Legacy approaches would have you hire an army of coders, product managers and other spend that leads to an unseemly budget.

Loosely Integrated

Integrating with other tools is half the battle. Xano shapes data from other services in a format that is unique to your app

Not Scalable

The system architecture should be able to meet and grow with your application demand. You should meet increased or anticipated workload.

Xano Core Features

100% No Code

Build your complete backend without a single line of code. Accelerate time to market with predefined templates and business logic.

C.R.U.D Made Easy

Xano makes it easy to generate basic CRUD operations and keeps the model in sync with their API endpoints.

Fully Hosted

Xano is a fully hosted platform without any modules or SDKs to download. Just point and click on our secure system.

Test & Debug

Get detailed statistics of what is happening at each step of your query life cycle. Easily pinpoint where something is going wrong.

Sign Up / Login

Xano takes the complexity out of creating and authenticating users since it comes standard with each project.

Data Addons

Similar to GraphQL, Xano's Addons give you unique way to extend your data through relationships without any additional requests.

Function Stack

Define how your business logic gets executed by visually stacking predefined and custom functions together in a linear fashion.

Media Upload

Upload and store images, videos, PDF’s and more. Bulk upload support included! Please see upload limits in your subscription package.

Geo Point Support

Designed with Points, Lines, and Polygons! Create your backend with integrated support for distance calculations!

Extend Your Backend in a Few Clicks by Seamless integrations

After years of development and battle testing with real world mobile, web and IoT applications, Xano is ready for the world.

Join hundreds of successful organizations

I've spent my whole career in software development. Coding has long been accepted as the critical path to implementing business strategies, I have found the way to eliminate coding as a critical path. I am using Xano to accelerate the building of a business based on a no-code SaaS implementation.
Steve Stava

Founder/CEO Studio Dance Tech

I’m now able to create a full production ready database built on Xano leveraging the scalability and power of Postgres SQL. Xano has given me super powers and the ability to build full stack applications allowing me to leverage traditional functions such as variables, loops, if/then statements.
Neil Pierce

CIO / Head of Product Development

Xano’s flexibility meant we could do things faster, and that was very attractive to me. With Xano the developers don’t have to “reinvent the wheel” on the backend code.

Krunal Patel

CEO – VarDesk

The Big Question?

So, how do you develop a scalable and quality backend for your big idea

without an army of developers at an affordable price?