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Xano can power any front-end
Xano is the trusted Backend for over 50,000 SMB and Enterprise applications

Launch a Complete Backend in Minutes

Xano comes with everything you need to quickly launch a Backend without worrying about scale.

Data Caching
Data Sources
Lambda Functions
Docker Microservices
Bring your Own Cloud
API Caching
Rate Limiting
Data Storage
CPU Boost
Background Tasks (CRON)
For Loops
Open API Documentation
No-Code API Creator

API Creator

What is an API?
Power Any Front-End

Integrate and Connect to Everything

Integrate and Connect to everything

Xano can connect to anything with an API. Connect to No-Code tools using an API connector or other frameworks with our Javascript SDK.

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Power any Front-end (Code or No-Code)

Xano is front-end agnostic and can power multiple front-ends at the same time.

Bring in data from any service with an API. You can then easily transform the data to make it work for your unique needs.

Set up Webhooks that can trigger and automate predefined workflows.

Xano can connect to any RESTful API or GraphQL Endpoint to extract data.

Integrate and Connect to Everything
Create APIs with No-Code

Create APIs with No-Code

Create APIs with No-Code

Xano's patented No-Code API creator allows you to create business logic without the limits you experience in other No-Code tools.


Traditional developers can utilize features like Redis Caching for rate limiting and response times, Lambda functions to inject custom Javascript, and Sidecar Docker Microservices at the Enterprise level.

Build workflows/functions in the API creator and set up CRON jobs (background tasks) to run workflows at an interval of your choosing.

If you’ve used GraphQL before, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to extend the response from a single API request with additional data from other database tables. Xano has a similar framework called Addons that does the same thing except gives you more control over how the query is run to keep things as performant as possible. Learn more

Xano automatically documents all of your API endpoints in Swagger (OpenAPI) so working with engineers or partners is a breeze.

Flexible Database


What is a Database?

Store Data with no Record Limits

Store data with no record limits

Upgrade from a spreadsheet to a sophisticated database. Xano stores your data on PostgreSQL, which provides the flexibility of a relational Database along with the Big Data needs of a NoSQL solution.

Field Types

In addition to common field types like Text, Integer, and Date, We also allow you to store Images, files, Raw JSON, and GEO coordinates.

Xano has the industry's best CSV import and can support importing millions of records without breaking a sweat.

Xano makes it easy to import your Airtable bases, relationships, and content with the click of a button.

Data sources allow you to have different sets of data in your database. This can come in handy when you don't want test data to interfere with customer data.

Store Data with no Record Limits
Search, Filter, and Aggregate

Search, Filter, and Aggregate

Search, Filter, and Aggregate

Xano has flexible Database functions that allow you to quickly search your Database any way you want using the API.


Xano allows you to perform any type of aggregation on the data returned from your database. Including multi-faceted grouping, sorting, and more.

Xano provides a robust full-text search that can expedite searching over a large data set. This intelligent search allows you to define how results are ranked, prioritized, and returned to the user.

As your database grows, you can add indexes to make searching across large data sets much faster.

Scalable Server



Scalable by Design

Scalable by design

Think No-Code can’t scale? Xano can. Each account is provisioned with Docker and orchestrated by Kubernetes to provide a stable, scalable environment.

Single Tenant Deployment

We deploy a dedicated resource instance powered by the Google Cloud Platform that we manage for you. This architecture ensures every user's information is separate with dedicated resources (including CPU, RAM, and storage).

Your No-Code backend is automatically placed inside a Docker container, isolating it from other apps. Then, it is orchestrated by Kubernetes so you can spend less time worrying about speed and capacity and more time on your business logic workflows.

Deploy in the region of your choice to give your customers faster response times. You can also stay compliant with security laws like GDPR.

Enterprise customers can manage their own resources by deploying Xano in their cloud environment. This can be Google Cloud, AWS, or Azure.

Scalable by Design
Secure and Compliant with SOC2 2, GDPR, HIPAA, ISO 27001, and CCPA

Secure and Compliant

Certifications include:
SOC 2 Type II
ISO 27001
ISO 27701
ISO 9001

Xano practices and complies with the highest software security standards. All data stored within Xano is encrypted at rest and is transmitted securely over SSL.

In addition to multiple rigorous yearly compliance audits, Xano undergoes quarterly PCI compliance network scans in which vulnerability testing engine performs a series of automated security assessments against our infrastructure at the designated IP or FQDN.

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Team Collaboration

Xano allows you to collaborate with your team in real-time across the entire development lifecycle. In addition to supporting features like Branching, Merging and Data Sources, we also support API Drafts and the ability to share reusable components to accelerate time to market.

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Dev Shop & Agencies

Xano has a plan built specifically for Agencies.

Easy Client Management

Manage your clients with a simple dashboard and a birds-eye view of all your client projects, status, notes, and commission.

Xano makes it easy to build and share components with your team, which range from complete Backends to small reusable functions.

Get reimbursed for your Xano licensing fees and earn commissions. As a partner, you will also be eligible to get development leads from us!

Team Collaboration
No-Code Development Platforms
No-Code Development Platforms
No-Code Development Platforms
No-Code Development Platforms
No-Code Development Platforms
Rapid Applications Development
Rapid Applications Development
Rapid Applications Development
Rapid Applications Development

G2 Recognized

Based on reviews gathered from the user community as well as data aggregated from online sources and social networks, Xano has been recognized by G2 as a leader in the No-Code community. Start using Xano and see for yourself why it has been rated as High Performer and Momentum Leader.

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