Top 10 Key Reasons to Choose Google Cloud Platform

By Xano | December 21, 2021

Top 10 Key Reasons to Choose Google Cloud Platform

Whether you are starting your business or migrating to a cloud-based platform, you probably have Google Cloud Platform (GCP) on your radar. It is obviously a massive popular service, and Google is, of course, a well-known company. But is it really worth all the hype?

While no single platform is right for every single business, the truth is, much of the hype surrounding GCP is well-deserved. It's an affordable platform with a host of innovative and flexible features, including data analytic tools, that can help companies of all sizes and industries grow and adapt. If you are considering GCP, we will go over some of its biggest advantages below.

What Is Google Cloud Platform?

Google Cloud Platform provides users with a suite of highly scalable cloud computing services. These services are run on the same infrastructure that Google uses for its own projects (e.g., Google Search, Gmail, Youtube, and so on…). GCP is among the most popular cloud platforms on the market, with over 4 million apps run on GCP currently. This includes both large, well-known companies and smaller, less established start-ups.

Why does GCP attract such a wide range of users? The short answer is, it's pretty easy to use. GCP has a very simple backend that uses a file system to handle requests through simple commands like write, read, open, and so on. This means almost anyone – even non-tech professionals – can make use of GCP with a little training. Using GCP, you can deploy applications, manage a team of developers, store data, and more.

Why Choose Google Cloud Platform?

Industry-Specific Solutions

Unlike competitors that often use a one-size fits all solution, Google Cloud keeps the needs of specific industries in mind and provides tailored options depending on individual client requirements. The platform provides ready-made, advanced solutions for the following industries: retail, finance, healthcare and life sciences, media and entertainment, gaming, telecommunications, renewable energy, governmental sector, and education

Better Pricing

All in all, you're getting the best deal with Google Cloud in comparison to similar platforms. First, Google employs per-second billing based entirely on usage. While there is a 10-minute minimum charge, you more or less only pay for the time you use, and you get discounted prices for long-running workloads as an added bonus. If you are interested in learning more details, you can find an in-depth price comparison here, but the condensed version is that the GCP is usually between 40 to 50% cheaper than AWS and Azure.

Data Analytics

Data-driven strategies are all the rage lately, and you'll find few platforms that provide better analytics than Google Cloud. You will have access to innovative features like BigQuery and real-time data processing tools like Dataflor and Detaproc, all of which process massive amounts of data at fast speeds. Plus, Google partners with SAP and HSBC, companies that rely heavily on data analytics, which is testament to GCP's skill in this area.

Live Migration in Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Hosting's huge network allows for live migration of virtual machines between host machines. This allows engineers to deal with issues such as repairing and updating software and hardware without worrying about rebooting the machines. Neither Azure nor AWS provide migration, nor do smaller providers, so this is almost exclusively a Google Cloud feature for the time being.

Serverless Technology

This is one of the biggest benefits of cloud platforms in general, and GCP in particular. Your company does not have to focus on the physical infrastructure because Google handles 100% of the maintenance and updates. This gives your leaders more time to automate and improve processes, collaborate with developers, and manage the cloud rather than getting bogged down with technical tasks in the computer room all day.

Higher Speeds

Both Google Cloud and Google App provide customers with speeds up to 10 terabits per second, vastly outpacing the majority of the competition. This is thanks in large part to Google's vast physical network (which we'll talk about more below). Higher speeds have loads of advantages ranging from improved performance to lower costs to better data processing.

Superior Security of Google Cloud Platform

Google was one of the first Big Tech companies to work on prioritizing security. They have been continuously improving their security for over 15 years now and the company employs over 500 security specialists. Google Cloud Platform is regularly audited to ensure all user information is safe and secure, giving you peace of mind that your information is safe.

Private Network

Google uses fiber-optic cables to spread its impressive physical network across the globe, which are more efficient than any other cables currently on the market. This allows Google to transmit and process data much faster than the competition, and every GPC customer has access to Google's private network. This leads to more control and scalability and maximum time and efficiency.


Service failures and ongoing maintenance can often render a hosting service unavailable for indeterminate time periods. With GCP, this is unlikely to occur as GCP provides 99.95% service availability, by far the highest in the market, regardless of factors like traffic or user location. In other words, when using GCP, your web page or application should be available 24/7.

Constant Development

Google is already hard at work improving their machine learning and automation technologies, and the company has a long, well-documented history of rapidly developing its infrastructure and services in accordance with customer demand and industry changes. In other words, if you go with GCP, you can expect to have early access to the latest technological advancements.

Google Cloud Platform: The Bottom Line

While you should always explore multiple options when choosing a cloud platform, we have made a pretty good case above for GCP specifically. We encourage you to spend some additional time weighing the pros and cons of GCP's competitors, but Google Cloud Platform is always a solid choice that is affordable for companies of all sizes.

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