Build your project backend on Xano. Our features & infrastructure provide a secure, flexible and scalable environment.
100% NO CODE backend
Build your backend without a single line of code. Accelerate time to market using our templates and create business logic fast & easy!
Fully Hosted nothing to download
Xano is a fully hosted solution without any modules or SDKs to download. Just point and click on our secure platform.
APIs Documented automagically
Your API Endpoints are automatically documented for you in OpenAPI (Swagger)
C.R.U.D made easy
Xano makes it easy to generate basic CRUD operations and keeps the model in sync with the endpoint.
Backend templates
Get started right away with most the work done for you. We have templates for on-demand backends (like UBER), marketplace backends (like AirBNB), CRM backends (like Hubspot) and many more...
Rapid development
Rapidly get your company backend built with our no-code platform. Real-time application backend development with customized workflows and functionality.
SSL certificates
Xano makes it easy to scale your project and keep your instance safe with SSL certificates included.
Project workspaces
Keep your backend APIs organized with workspaces.
Community Marketplace (coming soon)
Build back-end templates for the community and get paid every time someone uses them!
Sign up/Login/Authentication ready-to-use
Xano takes the complexity out of creating and authenticating users since it comes standard with each project.
Run stack
Visualize the components of your backend in an easy to understand flow diagram!
Input & Output mapping
Secure, easy-to-use, code free customizable metadata management & mapping.
Precondition logic
Make sure your application runs exactly how you want it by enforcing preconditions before anything important is processed.
Function operations
Repackage common operations (send mail, send SMS, etc) into functions that can be re-used throughout your project.
Recursive functions
Create complex error free recursive functions with no code!
Query database
Xano utilizes PostgreSQL for your data storage. Users can enjoy the benefits of both relational & big data needs of NoSQL
Expression builder
Look up and build expressions in NO CODE to utilize in a query criteria
Single Tenant deployment
Xano deploys each client as a single tenant in it's cloud infrastructure. Enhancing security, reliability and flexibility.
Engineering Concepts made easy
Xano supports engineering concepts like statements, conditionals, precondition and more. The difference is, we make it point and click easy to implement.

Docker Containers

Create, deploy and run applications

Xano uses docker containers to provision new accounts. This provides a stable environment for each Xano user to build and scale their service without compromise.

Learn more about Docker

Kubernetes Deployment

Open-source container-orchestration system

Kubernetes provides an industry standard way for our Xano users to automatically scale based on their traffic and resource needs.

Learn more about Kubernetes

PostgreSQL Database

Creating systems demanding execution of complex queries.

Xano utilizes PostgreSQL, which is the most powerful and flexible database within the open-source community. It provides the flexibility of a relational database along with the Big data needs of a NoSQL solution.

Learn more about PostgreSQL

Google Cloud Platform

Everything you need to build and scale.

Google Cloud is on of the top global industry providers for on demand cloud based server deployment. Xano's Google Cloud deployments will controlled through Kubernetes.

Learn more about the Google Cloud Platform

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