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Xano R1.59 Release Announcement


In this release, Xano brings you several exciting new features and improvements that will supercharge your no-code development experience. Let's dive right in and explore what's new!

Real-Time Database Connections

Building real-time applications just got a whole lot easier with Xano's new real-time database connections. This feature allows you to create always-open connections as part of your application's backend, enabling you to power live chat, instant notifications, and any other real-time use case you can imagine – all without writing a single line of code.

Getting started with real-time connections is incredibly simple:

  1. Enable real-time from your workspace settings.
  2. Add the necessary permissions.
  3. You're ready to go!

To further extend the capabilities of your real-time connections, Xano has also introduced a new real-time event function for your function stacks. This allows you to dynamically integrate your existing and new business logic with your real-time connections, unlocking even more powerful possibilities.

Vector Embeddings in the Xano Database

Unleash the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence with Xano's new vector embeddings field type for your database. By storing vector embeddings in your Xano database, you can interact with your data using ML and AI models, opening up a world of advanced data processing and analysis opportunities.

Whether you're building search engines, recommendation systems, or any other application that can benefit from vector embeddings, Xano has got you covered.

Interactive Onboarding Tutorial

Xano is constantly exploring new and better ways to introduce its no-code platform to new users or reintroduce it to returning users. With that in mind, this release includes an interactive onboarding tutorial designed to guide you through creating a database, building an API, and transforming data – all in just a few minutes.

This hands-on tutorial is the perfect way to hit the ground running with Xano, giving you a solid understanding of the platform's core features and capabilities right from the start.

Internal Documentation Tools

While your APIs will always be automatically documented with Xano's Swagger documentation, you may sometimes need to write custom documentation or notes that live alongside your function stacks. This release introduces a new section in the settings of APIs, tasks, and custom functions, allowing you to write quick documentation that stays neatly organized within your project.

Say goodbye to scattered notes and embrace the convenience of having all your documentation in one place, right where you need it.

For a comprehensive list of bug fixes and improvements included in this release, be sure to check out the Xano community post linked below.

With real-time connections, vector embeddings, an intuitive onboarding experience, and improved documentation tools, Xano 1.59 empowers you to build even more powerful, real-time applications with ease. Keep an eye out for more exciting updates coming your way!

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