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Zip Files in Xano - How to Read, Process, and Create Zip Files


Hi everyone, it’s Cam from Xano's support team. Today, we’re diving into an exciting new feature we've introduced: native ZIP file import and export functionality. This enhancement means you no longer need third-party services for ZIP file handling. Instead, do it all directly within Xano!

Understanding ZIP File Management in Xano

ZIP file management in Xano allows users to upload, view, extract, and manipulate ZIP files within their applications seamlessly. This feature can be particularly useful for handling batch uploads or downloads, managing archives, or dealing with file packages in your app.

How to Get Started with ZIP File Management

To kick things off, you'll start by creating an endpoint to upload a ZIP file. Once uploaded, you can view its contents, extract files, and manage them according to your application's needs. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Upload and View ZIP Contents:
Start by creating a new endpoint for ZIP file uploads. Add an input for the file, and use the 'View Contents' function from the file storage ZIP management options. This will let you peek inside the ZIP and see what files are present without extracting them.
  1. Extract Files from ZIP:
Next, add the 'Extract ZIP File Resource' function to your stack. This enables you to extract files from the ZIP and process them further. For example, you can extract images or documents and then generate metadata for each item to use within your application.
  1. Manage Individual Files:
If needed, you can delete specific files from the ZIP before extraction. This is useful if you want to exclude certain files from being processed or saved.
  1. Loop Through Extracted Files:
Post-extraction, loop through the files and decide what to do with each one. You might save them as attachments or categorize them based on their MIME types.
  1. Create and Download ZIP Files:
On top of processing incoming ZIPs, you can also create new ZIP archives. Allow users to upload multiple files, which you can then package into a single ZIP. Finally, set the proper HTTP headers to enable users to download the newly created ZIP directly from your application.

Practical Applications and Tips

This feature is incredibly versatile:

  • Batch Processing: Manage multiple file uploads/downloads at once, simplifying data transfer.
  • Archiving: Provide users with the ability to download entire datasets or galleries in one go.
  • Content Management: Easily package and distribute content collections, such as educational resources or product catalogs.

By integrating ZIP file management directly into your Xano application, you streamline user interactions and enhance the overall functionality of your platform.

Wrapping Up

We hope this guide makes ZIP file management in Xano clear and accessible. This feature opens up a range of possibilities for handling files more efficiently in your applications. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to drop them in the comments or reach out through our support chat and community forum.

Happy coding, and until next time, have a great one!

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