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From Idea to App | Part 1 - The Database


Hello everyone, I'm Chris from Xano's Customer Success team. Welcome to our tutorial series where we'll transform your app idea into reality using Xano's powerful backend capabilities. This series is designed for entrepreneurs, developers, and anyone interested in creating functional applications without needing to code.

Part 1: Designing Your Database

The journey of app creation begins with a clear understanding of what your app aims to achieve. For this series, we'll create a Loyalty Card application, allowing users to find local deals and save on their purchases. The first step in this process is designing a robust database to store all necessary information:

  • User Information: Essential details like email, password, and location will be stored here, enabling personalized experiences.
  • Merchants: This section will contain information about each merchant offering deals, including name, description, and location.
  • Deals: Here, we'll store the specifics of each deal, including the discount amount and the merchant offering it.
  • Ledger: This records the deals claimed by users, ensuring a comprehensive tracking system.

We'll delve into how these database elements interact and how they underpin the app's functionality, ensuring you have a strong foundation for your application.

Part 2: Transferring Data to Your Frontend

The backend is only half the story; connecting it to the frontend seamlessly is crucial. We'll cover how to send data from your Xano backend to whichever frontend platform you choose. This involves setting up APIs that bridge the gap between your stored data and the user-facing side of your app, making sure your users can interact with the latest information.

Part 3: Interacting with External Services

Integrating with external services can further enhance your app's capabilities. Whether it's pulling data from third-party APIs, interacting with payment gateways, or anything in between, we'll show you how to extend your app beyond the confines of its own database.

Practical Application: Building the Loyalty Card App

By following our series, you'll understand the principles of app development from the ground up. We'll start by sketching out the basic layout and functionality, from logging in and viewing available deals to claiming offers. You'll learn to link database tables logically, ensuring data integrity and efficient data retrieval.

We'll also guide you through creating a user-friendly front end that communicates effectively with your backend, providing a seamless experience for your users. By the end of this series, you'll have a fully functional Loyalty Card application, ready to deploy and share with the world.

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