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Difference Comparison | Diff Support in Xano!


Hello, Xano enthusiasts! Michael here to introduce a transformative update to Xano's version history, draft, and publish mode, as well as to our premium add-on, Xano Lake. Our latest feature enhancement, Difference Comparison, is designed to streamline your development workflow, making it easier to manage drafts, previous versions, and branch merging.

What is Difference Comparison?

Difference Comparison provides a visual representation of changes between different drafts, published versions, or branches within Xano. This feature helps you identify precisely what has changed, offering clarity and context before making decisions on rolling back or merging changes.

Exploring Difference Comparison in Xano:

Let's dive into how Difference Comparison enhances various aspects of your Xano workspace:

1. Draft Changes:

When working on a draft, you'll notice a list of revertible changes indicating different stages of your edits. Clicking on any stage now displays a screenshot showing exactly what changes occurred at that point:

  • View exact modifications made during each draft stage.
  • Traverse through changes to understand the evolution of your API, custom functions, or add-ons.
  • Restore to a particular draft stage if desired, with full understanding of what that entails.

2. Version History:

Beyond drafts, Difference Comparison extends to version history for published versions. Similar to drafts, you can:

  • Access detailed change logs for each published version.
  • View screenshots detailing each modification made between versions.
  • Effortlessly restore to previous versions with a clear understanding of the changes involved.

3. Database Schema Changes:

Difference Comparison also covers database schema changes. You can view past versions of your database schema, including:

  • Column additions, deletions, or modifications.
  • Data type changes and index updates.
  • Comprehensive visibility into how your database evolved over time.

4. Branches and Merging:

For those utilizing branching and merging, Difference Comparison becomes invaluable:

  • Compare changes between different branches before merging.
  • Understand new, deleted, or modified elements in your API, database schema, or custom functions.
  • Make informed decisions with a complete overview of what merging two branches entails.

5. Xano Lake Integration:

For Xano Lake users, Difference Comparison offers:

  • Clear visibility into changes before pushing updates across different instances.
  • Confidence in understanding precisely what's being updated, added, or removed in your Xano Lake deployments.


The introduction of Difference Comparison in Xano marks a significant leap forward in version control and project management. By providing clear, visual documentation of changes, Xano empowers you to make informed decisions, ensuring smoother transitions and more efficient development cycles.

Stay tuned for more updates, and feel free to reach out with any questions or feedback. Thanks for watching, and see you in the next video!

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