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Xano for enterprises

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Manage Xano on your own cloud

Xano can be managed on any cloud, which becomes useful when you need to comply with your organization's security and compliance needs.

Manage Xano on your own cloudManage Xano on your own cloud
Integrate your organization's data and microservice

Integrate your organization's data and microservices

Your organization has business critical data and processes that Xano can integrate with. Connect your PostgreSQL directly to Xano, or use Sidecar Docker Microservices to leverage existing capabilities.

Database access & management

Access Xano's PostgreSQL database directly and manage flexible backup policies with your own environment.

Database access & managementDatabase access & management

Features built for Enterprise organizations

Role-based access control (RBAC)

Xano provides RBAC (Role-Based Access control) to give you granular control over what type of access is granted to each team member per Instance.


Xano's Enterprise plan can provide custom SSO integrations and policy enforcement. By providing custom SSO, admins can authenticate their team members with their own standards and enforce this policy for all users of their Xano instance.

Multi-instance oversight

Xano provides an Enterprise grid dashboard, which allows users to monitor and access multiple Enterprise Instances from a single dashboard. The dashboard includes quick views of CPU resources across the API and database layers, as well as statistics on record counts, API request usage, background task runs, and storage.

Sidecar Docker microservices

Xano can host 3rd party microservices within its own infrastructure. Xano's Enterprise plan includes an admin panel to configure all aspects of these microservices, such as CPU/RAM/GPU resources, persistent storage, load balancing, and network port mapping. Each microservice is isolated internally within the Xano instance and accessible through the Xano Function Stack.

High availability

Xano's infrastructure is cutomizable to support an environment that operates continuously without failing for a designated period of time. The system can be tailored to meet any custom SLA or agreed-upon operational performance level.

Bring your own cloud

This feature allows Xano instances to be hosted within your own cloud account, such as AWS, Azure, or GCP. This provides complete control and access to all of your data and infrastructure.

Xano enterpriseXano enterprise

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