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Noloco + Xano

Integrating Xano with Noloco enables you to build powerful apps around your Xano API without writing a single line of code. This guide outlines the process of connecting your Xano workspace to your Noloco app, allowing seamless access to your database records and enabling real-time data synchronization.


Xano serves as a versatile backend platform, offering database management, API creation, and server-side logic functionalities through a user-friendly interface. Noloco, on the other hand, is a no-code application builder designed to create intuitive and customizable frontend interfaces.

Connect Your Xano Account

To connect your Xano account to Noloco, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Your Xano Account:
  • Log in to your Xano account.
  • Create a new Personal Access Token with read and write permissions for your data, and at least read permissions on your schema.
  1. Copy the Access Token:
  • Copy the newly created access token.
  1. Access Noloco:
  • Log in to your Noloco account or sign up if you haven't already.
  1. Add Xano as a Data Source:
  • In Noloco, navigate to your app's settings.
  • Add a new data source and choose Xano from the list.
  • Paste the copied access token into the Access Token input field.
  • Select the Xano workspace you want to connect from the dropdown menu.

Automatic Schema Analysis

Once connected, Noloco will analyze the data in your Xano database and automatically create tables and views in your app based on your data from Xano. For example, if you have a table with Properties data in Xano, Noloco will create a collection list view, record view to edit individual records, and a form to add new Properties data.

Supported Field Types

Noloco supports various field types from Xano, including:

  • Integer
  • Decimal
  • Timestamp (Date and Time)
  • Email
  • Text (single line)
  • Enum
  • Boolean
  • Image
  • File / Attachment
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Object
  • Geo Point
  • Reference to table
  • ...

For a complete list of supported field types, refer to the documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often does my data get synced?

  • Data updates from Noloco are reflected instantly in your Xano database.
  • Direct updates to your Xano base are synced to Noloco in less than 2 minutes.

Can I connect multiple Xano workspaces to my Noloco app?

  • Yes, you can connect multiple Xano workspaces to the same Noloco app.

Why isn't my Xano base appearing in the dropdown to connect?

  • Ensure that Noloco has access to your workspace from your Personal Access Token.

Why won't one of my fields sync?

  • Some field types may not be supported by Noloco. Refer to the documentation for details.
  • Field name clashes with existing columns may prevent synchronization.

What about custom functions on the Xano API?

  • Noloco doesn't use custom Xano API functions, but alternative solutions can be explored based on your needs.


By connecting Xano with Noloco, you can leverage the power of no-code development to build sophisticated applications effortlessly. Seamlessly integrate backend data from Xano into your Noloco app and unlock endless possibilities for customization and scalability.

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