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Agency plan advantages

Agency plan advantages

Deployed and managed on world-class infrastructureDeployed and managed on world-class infrastructure

Manage, hand-off and support clients with ease.

Xano has thought of every part of the client lifecycle and has tailored a plan specifically for Agencies and development shops.

Leverage Xano's Developer Functions

Accelerate development with reusable components

Create components from simple functions to entire backend templates to accelerate your development time.

Flexible plans for your team’s needs
Yearly (Save More)Monthly

Agency Lite

Save $264/year
$123 USD/month
$1,476 Billed Yearly
Server Location

Included features

1 team seat

3 workspaces

10GB of media storage

5 background tasks

3 schema versions

128MB file upload limit

Agency Pro

Save $504/year
$308 USD/month
$3,696 Billed Yearly
Server Location

Included features

5 team seats

12 workspaces

50GB of media storage

Unlimited background tasks

Including Sub-Minute Task schedules

20 schema versions

2GB file upload limit

Permissions (RBAC)


Load balancer

Private file storage

Data caching via Redis

Access to Enterprise Addons

Xano Link, HIPAA, DB Connector, etc
All plans include

Easy client handoff

Client dashboard

Official partner status

Receive leads from Xano Marketplace

Partner commissions

Discounted plans for clients

Private snippet marketplace

No record or API rate limits

Database triggers

JS lambda functions

Security & compliance


Custom domain

SSL certificate

Frequently asked questions

How many seats will my agency plan have?

Our Agency Lite plan includes 1 seat, while the Agency Pro plan offers 5 seats. Additional seats can be added to any plan for $20/seat per month. The Agency Pro plan also includes RBAC (Permission) for specifying team member access to projects.

There is no limit to the number of seats a plan can have.

Every Xano Agency plan comes with its own server instance and workspaces, allowing you to build a fully functioning backend for your client before inviting them to join Xano.

Transferring the project to their own Xano instance takes just a few clicks when ready for handoff.

It's best practice to keep each client project in its own workspace. For example, the Agency Lite plan supports 3 client projects (because there are 3 workspaces), and the Agency Pro plan supports 12. Additional workspaces can be added each for $25/month. Alternatively, you can build directly in the client's Xano instance without limits on client connections.

Transferring a workspace to your client creates a duplicate on their instance. Changes made post-transfer won't sync between instances. Most agencies delete the workspace on their end (to free a workspace for the next client), but you can also keep it for future projects. Your agency retains access to the client's instance until manually removed by the client, allowing ongoing support, monitoring, and easier client retention.

Yes! Your Agency plan includes a dedicated server instance that can publish projects like any other paid Xano plan, enabling you to build personal projects alongside client work.

You can, but it's not recommended. Sharing resources among multiple clients could lead to performance issues. Consider client access and compliance needs. For specific guidance, please reach out to us.

If you're a freelancer or a small team, start with the Agency Lite plan. Adjust or upgrade as needed. For larger teams, multiple projects, or access to advanced features like Middleware, Load Balancing, Redis Caching, or RBAC, the Agency Pro plan is ideal. Watch our explainer video or book a demo for personalized advice.

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