LEADstrike Case Study

December 2, 2021


LEADstrike is a member acquisition and automation system used by gym owners. It uses cutting-edge marketing automation techniques to get the people who are already on a gym’s website to actually try the gym.

 One of the ways that owner Chris Duncan grows LEADstrike is by inviting every new customer to participate in a referral program.


“We offer a 30-day free trial,” Chris shares, “so by the time a customer signs up they’re already super-excited about the results they’re getting. For our referral program, we really want to catch people right then, when they’re pumped up. But our manual process for setting up the referral program for new customers was so time-consuming that it often took a week or so for us to get to it.”

When Chris first looked into automating the referral setup for new customers he ran into roadblocks. Chris wanted to connect LEADstrike’s payment processing, referral software and email platform. Unfortunately, Zapier, the solution that is often used in situations like this, could not make this happen.


Chris found out about Xano, the no-code backend platform that can connect any software programs using an API integration. Although Chris was initially concerned about whether Xano would be as buggy as other no-code software he’s had experience with in the past, he quickly discovered that Xano is both “well-developed and super-reliable.”

 Not coming from a technical background himself, Chris hired an experienced Xano user to help him develop his automation. In just one hour over a Zoom call the initial version was completed—something that would have taken a developer two days to code from scratch! Chris later spent another hour adding additional functionality on his own.

 Now all the LEADstrike team needs to do is get a new customer set up for payment processing and the automation takes over from there. The customer is added as a promoter in their referral software, a custom referral affiliate link is created, an email is sent and then another email is sent two days later. Those emails explain the referral program, provide the affiliate link and offer a special 33% recurring royalty rate for the first 30 days. Then, 30 days later, the customer is automatically moved to a 20% recurring royalties program, thanks to the Xano “Tasks” feature.

Chris points out that they never would have instituted the two-tiered royalty program or the second email without Xano. “Doing this manually,” Chris admits, “would have added too much to our plate.”


Chris is thrilled that Xano made something possible that wasn’t possible before. Using Xano to automate their referral program set-up and invitation process has saved the LEADstrike team a tremendous amount of time. Plus, between the fact that the emails are now being sent right away and the extra incentive for participants to start referring others to LEADstrike in the first 30 days, the entire program is now significantly more successful.

Chris’ advice to other business owners who are considering developing an app or automating a process: “You can hire a developer to write code—or you can simply use Xano to do what you want to do. Using Xano will be a lot cheaper, and if you ever want to make a change, you’ll be able to do it yourself. So why not try that first?”


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