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Xano gives you a scalable server, a flexible database, and a No-Code API builder that can transform, filter, and integrate with data from anywhere.

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How Xano's system is designed

Launch scalable products faster so you can focus on your users

Build business logic

Build business logic and automate workflows without code

Launch your backend in minutes

Launch your backend in minutes without managing servers

Scale to support millions of users

Scale to support millions of users without worry


flexible database

Store data with
no Record limits

What is a Database?

Upgrade from a spreadsheet to a sophisticated database. Xano hosts your data on PostgreSQL, which is the most powerful open source database in the world. It provides the flexibility of a relational database along with the Big Data needs of a NoSQL solution.

  • Map related tables together using table references and easily look up related data using autocomplete right from within your table cell.
  • Xano has the industry's best CSV import and can support importing HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of records without breaking a sweat.
  • Xano makes it easy to import your Airtable bases, relationships, and content with the click of a button.
  • Data environments allow you to test your business logic on data that doesn't affect your customers.

no code api builder

Transform data and
automate workflows

What is an API?

Xano automatically generates CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations for you, but that's just the beginning. You can create your own endpoints and define business logic as comprehensive or unique as your app requires.

  • Create API queries from simple to complex without programming. Xano provides an easy-to-understand interface called the Function Stack, which gives you access to functions like External API requests, loops, functions, conditionals, and much more.
  • Xano Automatically documents all of your API endpoints in Swagger (OpenAPI) so working with engineers or partners is a breeze.
  • Build workflows/functions in the API builder and set up CRON jobs (background tasks) to run workflows at an interval of your choosing!
  • If you’ve used GraphQL before, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to extend the response from a single API request with additional data from other database tables. Xano has a similar framework called Addons that does the same thing except gives you more control over how the query is run to keep things as performant as possible.
Xano No Code API Builder

Integrate and Connect to
any Platform with No Code

Xano provides an easy way to bring in data from any External API. You can then transform it, store it, and send it to any Front-end (Code or No Code) that you'd like. Thousands use Xano as their home base for data storage, transformation, and automation.

  • Xano provides a robust, auto-documented backend that you can plug into any front-end that supports a RESTful API (which is most of them). This includes everything from Javascript Frameworks like Angular, React, VUE, and Flutter to No Code tools like Appgyver, Bildr, Bubble, Clutch, Draftbit, and more.
  • Use Xano's External API Function to easily bring in data from any service. You can then easily transform the data to make it work for your unique needs.
  • Receive requests and data from any service that trigger and automate workflows that you define.
  • Xano can connect to any RESTful API or GraphQL Endpoint to extract data.
Xano can integrate with any Front-end or Platform


Power everything

Xano Can Power A Website, Mobile App, and IoT Device
All At The Same Time

Xano powers thousands of backends ranging from comprehensive mobile and web applications to on-demand IoT applications that cities rely on. You can rest easy knowing that Xano gives you a scalable backend that can power every part of your business.

Xano powering multiple front-ends

Launch with confidence

Test. Deploy. Monitor.

Xano is one of the few no code backend platforms that provides a comprehensive Database test environment, which allows you to easily switch between production and test data. We also provide API request history, and easy ways to monitor CPU Usage and Database Record utilization.


Hundreds. Thousands. Millions.

Think No Code Backends Can't scale? Xano can.

With Xano you don’t need a DevOps team. We handle everything for you. Docker and Kubernetes are used to provision new accounts, which provides a stable, scalable environment on top of Google Cloud. The PostgreSQL database offers not only the power and flexibility of SQL/NoSQL but can scale horizontally and vertically.

Xano scaling to millions of users

Certified and tested

Your Backend is Secure

All data stored within Xano is encrypted at rest and transmission of all data is done securely over SSL. Xano also includes all common authentication capabilities for login, signup, and password policies.

  • All API requests and files are served over secure SSL connections to help keep your instance safe.
  • This architecture ensures every tenant’s information is separate with dedicated resources (including CPU, RAM, and storage).
  • Xano gets frequent scans for PCI compliance. Scans are ASV-Certified by the PCI Security Standards Council, and satisfy the external network scanning requirement for PCI DSS Compliance.
  • your no code backend is automatically placed inside a Docker container, isolating it from other apps. It includes everything needed to run in the cloud: Code, runtime, system tools, libraries, and settings – spend less time debugging.
Xano is secure
Xano - The fastest way to build and deploy a scalable backend | Product Hunt